Podcast Fagel Collection

In April I was interviewed by Laura Shanahan, Head of Trinity College Library Research Collections, TCD. We talked about the Fagel collection, the Short-Title Catalogue, Netherlands and possibilities for future research. The podcast is now online.

Laura Shanahan and Alex Alsemgeest
Laura Shanahan and Alex Alsemgeest

The podcast is part of the Fellow in Focus podcast series, which highlights research carried out by visiting fellows at the Trinity Long Room Hub during 2019. Be sure to check out the other Fellow in Focus podcasts, with Simona Marchesini, Premesh Lalu, Leo Lefebure and Philip Morgan.

In the two months I spent in Dublin, I looked into the Fagel Collection and catalogued 2500 copies for the Short-Title Catalgoue, Netherlands. The Fagel Collection is the 18th century private collection of the Fagels, one of the most important families of the province of Holland, many of whom held high public office. It was acquired by Trinity College Dublin in 1802, and contains books, pamphlets and maps.

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