Historical Collection making the Headlines

The Dutch House of Representatives published a video on the historical collection of the library. The headlines are obviously for the first edition of The wealth of nations, but there are more stories waiting to be told. National media were quick to pick up on the story.

NOS and RTL covering the story in the Handelingenkamer

Book video by the House of Representatives
The Dutch House of Representatives published the video to support the kick-off event about the Historical Collection of the library. The collection holds over two thousand volumes from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries on law, legislation, Dutch history and parliamentary history in general. The project focuses on the inventory, description and restoration of the books. Arguably the most interesting part, however, is the story that can be told with the help of the books in the collection. This resulted in the following video.

Most mainstream Dutch media were quick to pick up on the story. The headlines were obviously for the first edition of Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations from 1776 which was found behind some volumes of Karl Marx’ Das Kapital. The irony of this was of course recognized by everyone. It is great to see that several media mentioned that the collection holds more than just this one book, and that the collection is in fact the material reflection of our parliamentary history.

NOS: Eerste druk ‘Wealth of Nations’ van Adam Smith ontdekt in Tweede Kamer
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AD: Zeer kostbare eerste druk ‘Wealth of Nations’ gevonden in Tweede Kamer
Telegraaf: Kostbare vondst op boekenzolder Tweede Kamer
Nederlands Dagblad: Tweede Kamer stuit op unieke boekencollectie
Nu.nl: Zeer kostbare boeken gevonden op zolder Tweede Kamer
Tweede Kamer: Topstukken ontdekt in historische boekencollectie van Tweede Kamer
Informatie Professional: Bijzondere boekenvondsten in bibliotheek Tweede Kamer
Historiek: Eerste druk ‘Wealth of Nations’ gevonden in archief Tweede Kamer

Radio 2: Alex vindt waardevol boek op zolder Tweede Kamer

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