Short film on the Book Project of the House of Representatives

The project to catalogue, restore and research the historical book collection of the Dutch House of Representatives is approximately halfway. To show what has been achieved so far, a short documentary was published this week.

The tile De draak van het Binnenhof (The Dragon of the Binnenhof) refers to the design of the old library, constructed in the late 19th century and clearly inspired by Chinese patterns and designs. The cast-iron spiral staircase is sometimes seen as the tail of a dragon. The documentary features among others Menno de Bruyne, press officer of the SGP, curator of the art collection of the House of Representatives Hasna Bajraktarevic and Tycho Kloeg of conservation studio Van Waarde.

The film runs continuously at the current exhibition near the entrance of the public gallery of the House of Representatives in The Hague, but is also available on YouTube.

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