CfP – Technology and Transformation

The Yearbook for Dutch Book History publishes Dutch and English articles on the book history of the Low Countries, in all time periods. For the 30th Yearbook, to be published in 2023, we welcome in particular contributions for the theme ‘Technology and Transformation’.

The most recent issue of the Yearbook for Dutch Book History, volume 28 (2021)

This thematic issue will showcase articles that discuss the influence of technology and technical innovation in the history of the book in the Low Countries. This can concern improvements in existing techniques of production, the introduction of new technologies, or the disappearance of technologies and modes of production. Each of these phases can lead to new transformations: in the content or form of the book, in readers and the reception of the book, or in the bookshop and means of bookselling and publicity.

We invite specifically contributions concerning:

  • The introduction and development of printing in the Low Countries
  • The production of manuscript books after the invention of printing
  • Changes in print and typographical techniques, with regards to text and/or illustration, in all time periods
  • The current digital transformation of media
  • The production of the (e)book using digital techniques
  • The influence of new forms, genres and readers in the book world

As usual, the editorial board will continue to welcome contributions that are unrelated to the theme of the Yearbook. More information on the website of the Dutch Book Historical Society (NBV)

If you are interested in contributing, please send a proposal (max 300 words) to the editorial board ( The deadline for the first draft of contributions is 1 November 2022. The Yearbook will be published in the summer of 2023.

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